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If a back to nature experience is your desire, this section is for you. For most of this section Green Ridge State Forest runs adjacent to the canal with limited access.  Visitors will find jaw dropping beauty where wildlife abounds.  There are several very picturesque aqueducts and for those of us who bike and fish, bring your pole along as the fishing in this section of the Potomac along with some of the feeder creeks is excellent.  


One access /diversion is Little Orleans where there is a nice C&O NP campground and a private campground nearby.  There also is a small restaurant/bar called Bill’s Place that has been a canal fixture for years.

The 155.2 mile marks the downstream entrance to the Paw Paw tunnel which is still under repairs and closed.  Bikers should not take the tunnel hill trail as a detour, and should use the one marked Paw Paw Tunnel detour.

At the upstream section of the tunnel lies the C&O NHP Paw Paw campground.  Passing under Rt51, is a newly constructed trail to nearby Paw Paw, WV for services.

C&O Mile 135 - 160: Little Orleans & Paw Paw

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