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About us and you...

If you are like us you have a yearn, or maybe a need to ride.   We launched this site for riders of all type, skill level and age, who are looking for additional information and a sense of community about biking and biking trails in the Mid Atlantic region.

If you love biking in beautiful scenery, unimpeded by vehicle traffic and the noise and danger of road riding, and if you love exploring and learning about new places, you will feel right at home here.

You can expect to read opinions, perspectives, and recommendations about equipment, lodging, food, places to go, and things to see.  And while there seems to be a plethora of information out there, we will offer you our honest perspective based on real world actual experience, along with comprehensive information within one site.  And, as this site is to be a useful updated resource, your input is needed!  

25+ years ago, I got the idea to cycle the 184.5 Mile C&O Canal on my brother’s old Concorde “10 speed.”  From that inauspicious beginning (where I became rather adept at repairing flats), began a love affair with exploring the many bike trails in the Mid Atlantic.  My family is fortunate to live just 10 minutes from the C&O Canal National Historic Park and the Great Allegheny Passage.  


The Nelson family at Canal Place, Cumberland, MD on their ride from DC to Pittsbugh

Some of our more memorable family vacations include multi-day bike trips to places as varied as the “Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, small towns long the Greenbrier River in West Virginia, and exploring little known  trails in seaside resorts   As a do it yourself type, I relish the opportunity to plan these trips as well as find out about the local history and culture of the places we visit. 

My love of biking and bike-trail touring was stoked as a scout leader who has taken hundreds of scouts and their parents on extended day bike trips, as a C&O Canal Bike Patrol ambassador, and as a member of the C&O Canal National Historic Park advisory commission.       


 My grandfather was a railroad engineer for the Western Maryland Railroad.  My biking the very same ground where the rails that he used to steer (guide?) his steam locomotive through the Mountains of Western Maryland and Pennsylvania along what is now the Great Allegheny Passage, has peaked my interest in the local history and culture of the area where we now recreate.

 This site is for you, if you too realize that life is short and fleeting and there is much to do and enjoy.  In addition to the opportunity to disconnect from an ever complicated world for a while and get some exercise, the simple pleasure of pedaling a bike often stirs subconscious childhood memories of endless summers, unknown freedom, and the trail that lays ahead.   

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And please do not be a stranger.  Feel free to contact me.

See you on the trail!

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