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While there are far too many trails under 10 miles for us to visit and review on this site, there are exceptions.  The Cross Island trail, while only 6.5 miles long (7+ miles long including shell shard/ sand loop) is one great trail….well marked, paved, not crowded, gorgeous scenery of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay region, easy access, and great restaurants nearby!

Cross Island Trail is in Queen Annes County, Maryland and spans Kent Island.  Most readers will be familiar with Kent Island as the eastern landfall of the 4.5 mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  The trail is occasionally viewed from MD Rt 50/301 which is the main artery through Kent Island on the way to Maryland and Delaware beaches.

The Trail meanders through woods, past saltwater creeks and bay, through forested areas and fields and some residential areas.  There is ample opportunity for bird and animal watching.  I have seen whitetail deer, nutria (a big invasive muskrat type rodent), foxes, racoons, hawks, and many varied waterfowl.  There are several road crossings, so riders must exercise care.  Restroom facilities and seating benches are available throughout the trail

Tip:  One of the finest restaurants in Maryland for crabs is located on Kent Island and just a ¼ bike ride north of the trail’s west End.  Harris Crab House is one of my favorites.  If you loved steamed crabs or Maryland style carb cakes served in an unassuming place with great views of the Chesapeake Bay, this is the place!

The Chesapeake Heritage and Visitors Center (CHVC) Center serves as Queen Anne’s County official welcome center and is the central hub for the Cross Island Trail. The Center is also home to two exhibit spaces. The first features a quarterly rotating artist series by local artisans with an emphasis on the Eastern Shore. The second exhibit space is dedicated to the history, heritage and culture of the area.

Visitors can also access the entrance to Ferry Point Park which includes a 530-foot boardwalk that takes visitors over marsh and onto a trail leading to open space, a wooded area and a beach overlooking the Chester River.

Cross Island Trail, Kent Island Maryland


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