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Bike Trails

How to use the trail guides: Each trail contains a four section guide of that trail:

                  1) Overview of the trail, including important updates on the trail.

                 2) An interactive map of all points of interest along the trail.

                3) An interactive table detailing all points of interest along the trail.

               4) All blog posts associated with that trail.  

Long trails have sub-pages that break down sections into the same format. As this information is constantly changing, if you see any thing that needs to be updated, or would like to contribute information to the site, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the site!

C&O Canal

A 184.5 mile long towpath build alongside a man-made canal from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, MD. Originally used for hauling coal out of the mountains, this towpath made of crushed gravel and limestone boasts incredible history, scenery, and recreational activities. The C&O Canal Historic National Park receives over 5 million visitors annually over its 20,000 acres and is a favorite of bikers, hikers, paddlers, fishermen, and nature lovers!

Western Maryland Rail Trail

A 23 mile long paved trail that runs parallel to the C&O Canal built on an old railroad bed. Starting a little west of Fort Fredrick in Big Pool, MD, the trail runs through Hancock and ends in Pearre, MD. Currently a three section continuous paved trail, there are plans to create a forth section to the west that would extend the trail to Little Orleans, MD in Allegany County. The trail runs parallel to the C&O Canal towpath.

(Picture credit:

Great Allegheny Passage

A 150 mile long rail trail that runs from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA along old railway lines. Built and maintained by different advocacy groups, the trail is paved and relatively flat, although it does change elevation by a whopping 1800 ft up the Eastern Continental Divide. From biking and hiking to fishing and horse-back riding, the GAP is a fantastic trail for your outdoor expeditions.

(Picture credit: Pittsburgh Urban Media)

Cross Island Trail, Kent Island, MD

The Cross Island Trail is in Queen Annes County, Maryland and spans Kent Island. While only 6.5 miles long (7+ miles long including shell shard/ sand loop), it is one great trail….well marked, paved, not crowded, gorgeous scenery of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay region, easy access, and great restaurants nearby!

(Picture credit: Kent Island Online)

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