C&O Mile 95 - 120: Perryopolis & West Newton

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After leaving Connelsville, the next 25 miles of the trail or so are made up of lots of forest separated by small towns, that becomes more and more like suburbs the further along you travel. The first towns are the pair Liberty & Dawson, with some easy parking and pizza in Dawson. Eight miles later is the larger town of Perryopolis, which has a few lodging options, and some food out near Route 51, a few miles away from the trail.

Throughout this whole section of the trail are the houses of the people nearby who use the trail and consider it a part of their community, front yard, or daily commute. There are also quite a lot

of unnamed ball fields throughout this area, known mostly by the neighborhood that they are in, and small neighborhoods originally built because of the train, that now flank the trail. Following this pattern is Whitsett and Van Meter, and then the town of Smithton, with a Bed and Breakfast and two pubs to check out.

If camping is more your speed, or you are looking to find a large parking area, check out Cedar Creek Park, around the 111 mile marker. It has park activities as well as overnight camping and three parking lots for anyone who wants to take advantage of the trail for hiking or biking.

For those doing a larger bike ride, the big draw from this area is West Newton. The trail runs right through the center of town, so make sure to look both ways while crossing Main St. However, there is plenty of parking on both side of Main and benches to wait for a big group. We recommend The Trailside for sit down food (indoors or out!) and the sister West Newton Bicycle Shop located beneath it for a tune up or repairs. For a big group, check out Foxes Pizza and then Scoops N'At for delicious desert. If West Newton doesn't line up with your eating schedule, check out Driscoll & Sons Café in Sutersville, only four more miles up the trail.


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